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As a supplier of GSM amplifiers, we often get customers who want to improve their GSM signal in their office. We recently had a customer from Limburg approach us to install a GSM amplifier in their newly-furnished 2-storey small business office. After a photo and blueprint analysis of the property and location, we recommended the Hiboost HI13-5S because of its cost, efficiency and reliability.

The Hiboost HI13-5S is a powerful amplifier that amplifies the GSM signal and provides coverage for large office spaces up to 1500 square meters. It features a boost power of 70 decibels, which means the signal is strong enough to amplify even the weakest signal strength.

After a local installation agency installed the outdoor antenna on the roof of the office, the same agency and the customer installed the amplifier and the three indoor antennas themselves. After consultation, we and the customer opted for three panel indoor antennas because the office has several rooms and the coverage had to be evenly distributed. By using the splitter, we were able to connect the three indoor antennas to the amplifier with just one cable. The choice of panel antennas was made because the building does not have suspended ceilings everywhere.

After installation, the customer performed a signal test to verify the results. The result was impressive – the customer now had full 5-bar GSM signal strength throughout the office, even in the farthest corners. The customer was satisfied and could now finally use their mobile phones without interruptions.

As a supplier of GSM repeaters, we understand how important it is to have a good GSM signal, especially in business environments where communication is critical. The Hiboost HI13-5S is a reliable solution for customers looking for a quality GSM amplifier for their office.

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