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With the advancing technology, a strong cellular network has become immensely important. Almost every personal and official work in each individual’s life somehow depends on the cellular coverage of our mobile phones. Due to the pandemic, every office and every business has converted into an online workplace and most of this is possible because of excellent cellular strength. Those who struggle with weak phone signals, struggle with everything. In the modern world, the saying “Happy wife = Happy life” has transformed into “Happy wi-fi = happy life”.

Many people have to deal with a lot of problems that arise due to weak signal strengths, most of the time the reasons behind deteriorating cellular are simple enough and can be taken care of by performing a set of simple instructions. Here in this article you can find a few simple steps and try boosting up your cell signal in a few simple steps.

1. Go outside: Certain substances like cement, drywall, coated glass, electrical wiring, etc. can act as a barrier with respect to the communication signals and hamper your signal strength. In many cases the buildings around us also block signals. So what you can try and do is try getting out of the house and go to a place where there is more open-air and environment. For example, try going to the balcony or the roof. This simple yet important solution can be very useful.

2. Move to a different location inside your house: Many times the problem is not with your mobile phone or your network vendor, many times the problem is your location inside the house. Sometimes there are certain spots inside your home that will receive signal coverage worse than the others while there are some spots that will have a better connection than anyplace else. All you need to do is identify such spots. And you can get a little help in deciding this by identifying in which direction is the nearest cell tower. So the next time you get a phone call or if you want to download some application, make sure you keep moving around while the process continues. Doing so will give you a better idea of which spots in your home are better than the others.

3. Analyse phone performance: Sometimes we think that the issue is with the network vendor, or with the location of our house but to our surprise that is not always the issue. Most of the time there are little issues with our phone that hinder our cellular strength. For example, if the receptors of your mobile are not in optimal condition, or if your phone is not updated to the latest version then you might experience network issues. This happens because communication systems operate on different generations, with advancements in technology, these generations also advance and if your smartphone is not compatible then there is a good chance that you will experience a bad network. So you can go to the settings of your phone and check if there are any new versions of the system that you might need to update. If yes, then do it ASAP.

4. Remove phone cover: TO our surprise, it has been proven by certain scientific research that the covers of the mobile phone can decrease the cellular signal up to ninety percent. Yes, 90%! It depends on how the cell case is designed, it can either fully block the signal or partially. But if you are too troubled by network issues then it is advised that you take off the cell cover. There is pretty much a good chance that removing your mobile case will boost up your phone signal. And if you want to protect your mobile using a phone case and at the same time if you want to boost up your phone signal then the best option for you is to buy a case cover with a built-in antenna, you can sync the antenna of your case with the antenna of your mobile phone for optimal results.

5. Use Wi-fi For calling: If the network vendor in your area is too bad and there’s nothing you can do about it besides changing your house then you should try this solution. Today’s smartphones allow you to use the wi-fi network for placing phone calls. So if you have a bad cellular network but a good wi-fi network, your problem is solved. The only drawback to this solution is that if you move out of the range of your wi-fi coverage during the call then the call will drop. So you can use the benefits of a wi-fi call only when you are in the range of the network.

6. Use 3G: This may not seem like a popular solution but it can be a very good temporary solution to your cellular strength problem. The 4G network you use is highly used by everyone, so naturally, there is a lot of congestion and traffic and it is very likely that your call will drop during the call. So to avoid this, you can temporarily switch to the less busy 3G network. While the quality of the call may decrease in this, it is likely that your call will not drop.

7. Reboot your phone: This may be the most simple yet most promising solution to our problem of cellular signals. All you have to do is take your phone and restart it. In some cases, switching your phone to airplane mode and turning it off will also give you good results. Many times there are small technical glitches in our phones which can be taken care of without any professional help. Rebooting your phone can help get you rid of little glitches that go unnoticed.

Here are a few simple solutions mentioned that can help you answer the question “how to boost my phone signal” and tackle the problem of slow cellular networks.