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The importance of good mobile signal strength is increasing in this day and age where we have all become more dependent on our mobile phones and other devices. But what if you work in a location where the signal is poor? That was the case for an office in Heerenveen, where the mobile signal strength on all floors and in the basement left something to be desired. Fortunately, this could be solved with the installation of the Hiboost HI23-5.

The office is located in a large building with 2 floors and a basement. The customer was experiencing poor mobile signal strength on all floors and decided to call in a technical installation company from the same town to take care of the installation of the Hiboost HI23-5S. This device is Hiboost’s most powerful amplifier and can amplify signals up to 5000 square meters. Furthermore, this amplifier, like other Multi band GSM Amplifiers from HIboost, has 2G (900, 1800mhz, 3G 2100Mhz, 4G and 5G at 800Mhz.

The installation of the Hiboost HI23-5 started with placing the outdoor antenna on the roof of the building. The outdoor antenna was needed to pick up the weak signal from outside and forward it to the amplifier inside the building. Then the indoor antennas were installed on the different floors. A splitter was used to distribute the signal from the amplifier to the inner panel antennas. One additional antenna was installed in the basement of the building to ensure good mobile signal strength there as well.

The installation process was not very complicated and the customer could also lend a hand. After installing the antennas and connecting the amplifier to the antennas, the system was tested. The results were amazing: mobile signal strength was now excellent on all floors and in the basement.

The customer was very satisfied with the result. Due to the installation of the Hiboost HI23-5 multiband with 7 antennas, the office now has good mobile signal strength in all rooms, floors and in the basement. This allows employees to make the most of their mobile devices without worrying about poor mobile signal strength.