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Hi23-5S Mobile Repeater

The HIBOOST Hi20-5S is a perfect way to receive better coverage at home or office to improve the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G voice and data connections for all European telecom providers at your fixed location. HIBOOST integrates the most powerful consumer boosting technology with remote monitoring via a free mobile app.

Networks : EGSM | 900Mhz, DCS |1800Mhz, 3G | 2100Mhz, 4G | LTE 800 & 2600Mhz and 5G | 800Mhz

Carrier grade design

Coverage : From 75 up to 2000 square meters

- Large office or business premises
- Suitable for all providers
-  Frequencies: 2G + 3G + 4G
- Signal range: 75m²-50000m²  (repeatset)
- 1-10 indoor antennas (excluded)
- Complete set

Only one can be the best!

The HIBOOST  HI13, 17 ,20 and 23-5S models mobile booster are designed to directly improve the mobile signal for end users. With a single indoor antenna, it covers each indoor area of ​​75m² and with multiple indoor antennas and splitters up to approximately 500m², guaranteeing an enhanced communication experience with clearer and clearer calls at higher mobile data rates. This with the only conditions that the signal has a good minimum of 2-3 points or -55 to -85dBm outside your home, office or business premises.

The solution for better coverage in your company or private home

The application for all our GSM repeaters is to distribute the signal received from outdoors via the indoor antenna (s) in your home, office, business premises and modern, well-insulated buildings. With the aim of improving your indoor reception, of course.

The signal repeater or booster has an internal antenna to create a signal boost up to 75m² immediately after the installation of the external antenna. With the possibility to expand additional indoor antennas with cabling. This will solve all your problems of bad reception indoors.

Watch this video for more information how it works and installation!.



Every HIBOOST solution comes as a complete kit with all the installation components, so that you can open the package and get down to installation immediately. All HIBOOST standard kits include:


  • Mobile signal booster (with inbuilt indoor antenna)
  • Outdoor directional antenna
  • 50ft (15.2 m) HiBoost 200 cable
  • SMA/SMB Plug (secondary antenna connector)
  • 12V/ 3A, Ac/DC power supply
  • Power cord with European standard plug
  • Documentation 
  • Phone support assistance  by a technical engineer. (NL/UK)


One more feature that is meant to simplify installation is an inbuilt indoor antenna.

There’s no point in fixing an indoor antenna separately and drill holes in the wall for it, as a booster only is enough to cover and enhance a signal throughout a small open space area of up to 75 sq.m.

  • Save time and efforts on installation
  • Escape from an antenna hanging inside your house/office and cabling
  • Place a booster wherever you want regardless of the indoor antenna position


The solution for every network provider.

Our 5S models are 5 band frequency signal amplifiers that are suitable for every telecom provider band with 2G, 3G 4G and some 5G the meet the European CE (Red), ETSI & 3GPP standards. The LCD screen on the amplifier immediately indicates which bands (Mhz) are being amplified with their visible signal strength in dBm.



With HIBOOST you can customize a mobile repeater solution according to your own needs.

Add up to 2 extra indoor panels or Omni antennas to your device and double your coverage without any hassle with splitter.

If you want to extend a Signal range up to 500m², you need to add an optional kit and support the internal antenna with an indoor panel or omni antenna. There are 2 types of optional kits available:

Standard kit with Inbuilt antenna

Coverage up to 150 sq.m.

Panel / Omni kit 1 | with one external indoor antenna

Coverage up to 500 sq.m.

Panel / Omni kit 2 | with two indoor external antennas

Coverage up to 2000 sq.m.


HIBOOST is powered by a free HIBOOST App, Signal Supervisor. Now you can control your device directly from your phone or tablet at anytime from anywhere and benefit from much easier and more efficient installation.

  • Find the best position for the outdoor antenna with a professional signal meter tool.
  • Keep informed on booster performance status thanks to push notifications.
  • Receive assistance by phone competent tech experts (if needed).




No worries, all HiBoost signal repeaters are enabled with smart software that guarantees overall network protection even in the hardest signal reception conditions.


The booster optimizes its performance according to the outdoor signal strength in your area. If the signal is too strong, the power of signal amplification automatically reduces. This avoids the interference with your operator’s network and saves the booster from overload.  


Self-oscillation can occur when the booster and antenna are installed too close to each other. The minimim distance is around 5 sq.m. All mobile repeaters from Hiboost automatically detect the problem and reduce the boosters gain to fix the problem.   


The booster amplifies or literally repeats the signal and transmits it to the indoor antenna.

The indoor antenna spreads the enhanced the signal throughout the desired area.

This is the moment! Your mobile phone receives a strong signal and you enjoy seamless calls and data!


  • Your mobile reception and transmission signal is amplified indoors with a ratio of 75m² without an indoor antenna and to approximately 2000m² with an indoor antenna (s). This under the conditions that the signal (-55dBm to 85dBm) outside your home, office or business premises is good.
  • The battery of your mobile phone will be discharged less quickly because your phone does not have to continuously search for a better signal.
  • With expansion options, you can choose between an Omni or Panel antenna.
  • Omni is a 360 degree antenna and panel is a 90 degree antenna. The difference between normal and PRO version is the thickness of the cable (less loss and suitable for outdoor installation).

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 220 × 280 × 55 cm

Set with internal indoor antenna (75m²), Panel kit 1(1x indoor panel antenna, 10.6 mtr. cable), Omni Kit 1 (1x indoor omni antenna, 10.6 meter cable), Panel kit 2 (2x indoor panel antenna, 10.6 meter cable), Omni PRO Kit 2 (2x indoor omni antenna, 10.6 meter cable)